The original curable gel nail system.

Bio Sculpture Gel has been tried, tested and proven. Bio Sculpture Gel is the ONLY nail system with a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING and is 100% Vegan.

The Bio Sculpture Gel System can be used to lengthen the natural nail, build Upper Arch support, Re-enforce the natural nail, build extended Sculptures, do Silk Repairs and create painstakingly beautiful nail art – including hand painting with Gel and more.


Nail Enhancements

If you want to grow your own nails or give them strength then this one is for you. Gel gives nails incredible strength and a beautiful look.

Natural nail overlay...£28.00

Soak off and re-gel...£28.00

Soak off and recondition...£16.00

Acrylic/Gel extensions...£33.00

Nail repair...£3.00

Nail art...from £3 (dependent on design)

Diamante...25p (each)

Gel Toes...£22.00

Gel Toes with Pedicure...£27.00

Minx (toes)...£25.00

Minx toenail armour, amazing colours and designs. Lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. 

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